Meet the Shenani‘guns’

The creative shenani‘guns’. The big guns at the helm of all our departments. Here’s introducing you to the team that runs behind-the-scenes to give you the ultimate MAC Studio experience.

Creative Approach

With the creative approach from MAC Studios, your business gets a unique brand positioning vis-à-vis competitors’ online presence.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters?

The world has become more digital than ever. Brands have to look beyond the traditional marketing approach and adopt a more dynamic approach through digital marketing too. A sizeable chunk of digital marketing is targeted at social media platforms where resides the major consumer demographic for all businesses. When businesses, irrespective of size, build a robust online persona, they stand to gain visibility from potential customer as well as forge lasting relationships with existing ones. By actively investing in social media marketing, your business can convey your brand story, enhance product visibility, and boost revenue in the long run.